Bucknell Volunteer: Doug Bogan ’13

Doug Bogan ’13 worked with many alumni volunteers when he was a student at Bucknell through his extracurricular activities. Since graduating,  he’s been busy as an alumni volunteer himself.  One of his favorite opportunities is representing Bucknell at college fairs in his area.  He remembers how stressful these fairs were for himself not that many years ago, and appreciates how students relax when they hear about his Bucknell experience.  College fairs are also an excellent opportunity to promote the University’s presence as a household name.  When alumni get involved as volunteers and the public sees how passionately Bucknellians support their alma mater, he says, “it sends a strong, clear message about the depth and positivity of experience Bucknell provides its students and the resounding lifelong identification many Bucknellians carry with them after their four years on campus.”

With the strong network of regional alumni clubs, Doug points out that getting involved as a volunteer is very easy to do. In addition, the University is extremely approachable and supportive when alumni reach out and offer to volunteer. He shares, “I’d highlight just how stellar the alumni and staff are and how directly and visibly impactful volunteering with Bucknell can be. There are SO many ways to get involved.”

The strength of the alumni network has impressed Doug in the years since he graduated, especially how excited Bucknellians are to help other Bucknellians.  The bond we share keeps that Bucknell spirit alive long term. He says,  “This widespread volunteerism and support is what keeps the Bucknell network as strong as it is and hopefully for years/generations to come.”

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