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A Message from the Bucknell University Alumni Association Board of Directors

Dear Bucknellians,

Like you, we, the members of the Bucknell University Alumni Association (BUAA) Board of Directors, were horrified to see the senseless killing of George Floyd. The killing of Mr. Floyd has once again exposed the racism plaguing America. We share in the despair, confusion, anger and disappointment left in its wake. Our collective hearts are broken by not only his death but also those of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the countless other Black lives taken due to racial injustice.

As the BUAA Board of Directors, our mission is to represent alumni, engage Bucknellians and promote and enhance the University. In this moment, we are called to reaffirm our commitment to the fundamental rights of the Black community. We stand in solidarity with those peacefully and urgently calling for change and with everyone who stands up against racism, hatred, intolerance and injustice. We are committed to being a force for good in creating positive change – sooner rather than later.

How will we be and do better? Bucknellians are lifelong learners. While students on campus, we were taught to think critically, have uncomfortable conversations with others and challenge our own ways of thinking. These lessons did not end when we left campus. In fact, we would argue that our education was just getting started. Now more than ever, we must commit to putting our collective talents toward the sustained and methodical dismantling of the systems, symbols and attitudes that support racism on our campus, in our communities and in the minds and hearts of all we encounter. 

To further our own education, we are in the process of enlisting the help of a Bucknell faculty member to moderate a virtual conversation for our entire Board on the subject of racism. The facilitator will have experience conducting workshops with constituents as part of the University’s Diversity Plan. Our goal is to expand the dialogue to all alumni and facilitate internal dialogue. If the goal is to build a wheel, the Alumni Association will be the hub. This is just the beginning.

Our Alumni Association has heard from members of our 50,000+ alumni community who are working passionately to encourage a more just society by speaking out, peacefully demonstrating and supporting communities in need. Our primary goal at this time is to listen and listen well. We want to hear from you. Please contact us directly through Be Herd, a real-time vehicle designed to allow Bucknell alumni to voice feedback and concerns, by clicking here.

If this were easy, we would not be where we find ourselves today. As we begin to put the spokes on the wheels we are building to carry us forward, we are promoting actions that speak louder than our words. These actions will come in the form of bolstered resources, educational opportunities and more. Please know that we will follow a moral path, resist complacency and strive to be an exemplar in both word and deed.

Finally, hold us accountable. We will do the same for all who join with us to build the community that we desire. In that community, the callous indifference to the lives of Black people will not be tolerated.

The events witnessed in recent weeks were a call and a challenge to our humanity. In true Bucknell fashion, we will answer that call and meet that challenge. We ask you to join us. 

Best regards and ‘ray Bucknell,

Kimberly Wilson-Wetty ’93, President

Christine Zapotoczky Kelleher ’91, 1st VP and President Elect

Bucknell University Alumni Association Board of Directors

Co-signers to the BUAA Board of Directors’ statement:

Kendy Alvarez ’06, President
Bucknell Black Alumni Association

Scott Higgins ’82, President
Helen Reetz ’78, Vice Presiden
Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association Board of Directors

Jessica Vooris ’09, Co-President
Jennifer Carter ’93, Co-President

Bucknell LGBTQ Alumni Association

Joy Herfel Cronin P’18, P’21, President
John McDermott P’20, P’22, Vice President
Bucknell University Parents Association Board of Directors  

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